The MPL.

The MPL is a project started by a former Premier League striker to encourage kids to get involved with grass roots football.

We were approached to work with the former footballer to create a complete brand identity and social presences for his new start-up venture.


London, UK

Project Type


All Inclusive Junior Football

The aim of the MPL is to create an accessible, all inclusive, junior football league taking influence from American sports. MPS teams feature a mix of boys and girls, the rules are easier to understand, the game is shorter, and the focus is on health, wellbeing, and fun.

With this in mind, it was important the identity we designed didn't have a gender skew and was a celebration of the sport itself than the famous figureheads of the sport.

The MPL Badge

All good sports leagues need a badge that players and supporters can rally behind. The badge for The MPL will be featured across all of their branded products, online channels, and eventually, their football YouTube show.

We created a logo design that took inspiration from the shape of existing football badges. We angled the design slightly, playing on the fact that The MPL is a "new angle" on junior football. The confetti around the badge was included so it could be animated when the full MPL vision is brought to life.

The Locker Room

Starting with a very small number of teams, teams in The MPL will not have their own exclusive kits or identity at launch. This will come at a later date.

However, they will play their games in MPL branded kits. On launch day, teams will have a choice of two kits, white, with a full colour logo. Or, a purple to blue gradient kit, with a solid white logo.

MPL Merchandise

From Day 1, the founder of the MPL wanted to create a range of merchandise that could be sold, generating funds that can then be reinvested in the league.

We created two alternating water bottle designs and several other token products such as key-rings, drawstring bags, and winter wool-wear such as hats and scarfs.

The MPL requires huge financial investment. With the branding in place, MPL will look to secure venture funding to bring their vision to life.