The Rock Box.

The client came to Canny after purchasing a record store. The store was completely outdated and it's online presence was non-existent.

Canny was tasked to bring the brand up to date and creating a new e-commerce website for record collectors and customers.


London, UK

Project Type

Branding, Ecommerce, Web Design

Rebranding The Rock Box

The brand needed to brought into the modern era, relating to a new generation of record shoppers without disregarding its original customer base.

We created a brand that related both to the original customer base, using similar colours and bold typography while appealing to new customers using modern typography and new, relatable, imagery.

Increasing Brand Visibility

The brand identity needed to be more prominent in-store, but also on the street with staff clothing and merchandise.

The merchandise created offers new brand touch points for customers, increasing visibility in the local area and expanding out along with having an instantly recognisable brand.

Music Fans, Accessorise!

We created a range of branded product designs including t-shirts, tote bags, and badges which could all be used by staff and sold as merchandise.

Out With the Old...

The website needed a major overhaul as the existing site was not user friendly, making it difficult for users to navigate the site and purchase product.

After conducting industry research we found a lot of sites that offered a better user experience. However, they still weren't perfect as the sites where very busy and overwhelmed customers.

In With the New

We created an e-commerce website design that would simplies the user journey and makes purchasing on the site a pain free experience.

The website is also completely mobile-friendly, considering both desktop and responsive applications in our new device lead world.

Making Management Easy

The online shop needed to work for customers but also needed to work for the client. The site needed to keep all stock up to date, and make managing orders a breeze.

We integrated a Point of Sale system into the website that the client use in-store to keep their inventory on track. The site also offers easy order management and processing systems.

We are now looking into creating a digital marketing strategy that will push the brand's growth, and continue our working relationship with the client.
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