Tornado English.

Tornado English is a language learning app and platform that came to Canny for help creating their brand identity, as well as the user interface design for several key app screens.

We worked with the company to create a comprehensive look and feel that could be replicated across online and offline media.


Sunderland, UK

Project Type

Branding, User Interface

Making Learning Fun

Tornado English are aiming to help learning English easy and fun for Chinese kids. Before Tornado English entered market, there was nobody focusing on making learning fun for their specific demographic.

They had already hired a cartoonist to create the 3 key characters that form the app. They also created a series of cartoon TV show that acted as a visual aide to the app.

A Brand for Children

The challenge was creating a brand that appeals to both a child, so they want to use the app, their parents, to get them to trust that this platform will help, and school staff, so they would buy into the software.

We created a bright, colourful, and fun identity. As the platform would be sold mainly into schools, as long as the designs appealed to tkids and helped them learn, they would be happy to use it.

An Easy to Use Interface

With young children making up the key demographic, it was important that we made the application interface as easy to understand and use as possible.

We based our work on the cartoonists pre-defined style, making for a fully comprehensive experience. Canny were responsible for creating several key screens in the app, the brand itself, and well as extending the library of icons used in the platform.

Tornado English ran a pilot programme in 2017 and saw a hugely positive response to both the system itself and the design style created.
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Down With Boring!

Even though Tornado English would be sold to adults, and then passed onto children, we wanted to stay away from "boring" when it came to the brand identity.

We pushed the child friendly and illustrative style we'd created through all brand touch points, which would help Tornado English stand out when pitching to potential buyers.