Writing, Primary School, and More: Amy’s Inspirations

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I’ve always loved writing.

Whether it’s writing a story, a blog post, social media captions or even something as boring as a CV, I’d always enjoyed putting words together.

That’s the only way I can put it really.

I think words are very powerful which is why I enjoy working in content as I get to write every day.

And as sad as it might sound, I really like reading a good piece of content which is actually enjoyable to read; The type of content where you don’t want to put it down.

One of my favourite things about my job is being able to write content for a number of different businesses, and being able to delve into different sectors.

From cakes, to construction tools, to nursery schools, it’s a very mixed bag! And I love it. Having this diversity makes writing more fun, as you get to explore the ins and outs of companies that you might otherwise never come into contact with.

I’ve been in my job for around a year now, but I’ve loved writing since I can remember.

So where did it all start?

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Throwing it Back to Primary School

I was always that child in the corner of the classroom frantically scribbling away to finish my story as the teacher collected the workbooks.

I just had so much I wanted to write about that I couldn’t stop.

I’d get lost in a story and I’d have so many ideas that I just had to get them down onto paper before the end of the lesson. I would sometimes forget that I was actually in the classroom (with the teacher watching over me) as I got stuck into a story.

The teachers used to have a little joke before setting a story writing task, as they’d ask how many pages I was going to write this time. They knew how much I loved writing and filling up my workbooks!

The one story that I vividly remember writing (and that I think my Mam still has to this day) is my own rendition of ‘George and the Marvellous Medicine’.

It’s a classic book by Roald Dahl, but my year 6 teacher asked us to write our own version of it.

We were allowed to include anything we wanted, as the ‘marvellous medicine’ is made up of all sorts of lotions and potions that George gives to his evil Grandmother.

I loved the original story and being able to write it from my perspective, with the freedom to include my own ideas, was so much fun.

A stack of Roald Dahl books

A Word of Encouragement

My teacher at the time, Mr.Rogers, used to love the fact that I loved to write, and he was always so encouraging.

He read my version of ‘George and the Marvellous Medicine’ out loud in assembly as he said he’d found it so enjoyable. Whilst a tad embarrassing at the time, I remember feeling proud as punch!

He used to think I would become an author, as writing was the only thing I knew I wanted to do. I didn’t really seem to gravitate towards anything else.

If ever I needed help with anything, or was unsure about a certain idea, Mr. Rogers was always the person I would talk to.

He gave me the confidence to write different stories and he never made me feel like an idea was a ‘bad’ idea. Instead, he would look at it from a different perspective and work out how we could make it better.

Unlike some of my other teachers, he never rushed you out of the classroom. Whether this meant working through his break time, or taking 15 minutes out of lunch to look over your work, he was genuinely helpful.

Even when I left primary school and transitioned to the comprehensive, he always encouraged me to keep writing.

I think he knew it was something that a lot of people would stop when they started secondary school, as you just don’t have as much free time when you grow up. But writing was always my escapism, and Mr. Rogers knew how important that was.

To Wrap It Up…

I think it’s important to have someone like Mr. Rogers give you confidence in your own ability.

Regardless of what profession you work in, having this instilled in you from an early age is very important, as it encourages you to pursue your aspirations.

Writing is something that I’ve always enjoyed and is something that I’m thrilled I can do as my job.

I can’t imagine doing something that I didn’t like and having to somehow get through the working week.

I love that I get to do something creative where you need to think outside of the box.

Writing is something I will continue to do, and hopefully something I can pursue more in my free time. Whether that’s writing my own book or starting my own blog, I like getting lost in words.

hope you’ve enjoyed reading these words as much as I enjoyed writing them!