Your Guide to Newcastle Corporate Event Venue Hire



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06 October, 2022

Are you searching for a corporate event venue in Newcastle to host your next company event?

If you are, consider this your complete guide to the best in the city!

Selecting the right venue for your event is essential if you want it to be a success, and to encourage people to attend in the future.

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There is no use choosing a location that is difficult to get to, with no seating, and an unprofessional atmosphere.

You want your event to be remembered for the right reasons!

There are various things to take into consideration when it comes to your venue, such as cost, location, facilities, capacity, and of course the aesthetics.

So with that in mind, in this post we will explore the very best of venues in Newcastle that are the perfect location for your next corporate event, with large capacities, great locations, and facilities for any situation.

So, let’s get going.
meeting room with blind down

The Biscuit Room

Where: Bermondsey St, Shieldfield NE2 1AP
Capacity: 300 seated guests

The Biscuit Room is a multipurpose space, and as a former industrial warehouse hangar is 1200 square feet, with plenty of natural light.

This venue is particularly great for corporate events (so we thought we’d start strong with this one), as the space can seat 300 guests comfortably either in a theatre or dining layout.

For any events that are larger scale such as award ceremonies, or charity presentations the Biscuit Room is particularly useful as for a £1500 package you have access to projectors, a stage, wifi, a microphone, as well as a private bar and lounge.

So really this first venue doesn’t miss!

Although the location is slightly out of the city centre and closer to Ouseburn, there are still transport links to get you and your attendees from A to B, with buses, taxis available frequently.

To find out more about this Newcastle corporate event venue hire, click here.

The Royal Station Hotel

Where: Neville St, NE1 5DH
Capacity: Up to 200 guests

Located centrally, and directly opposite Newcastle Central station, The Royal Station Hotel could be the right setting for your next corporate event.

It goes without saying that this venue is extremely accessible, with transport links immediately outside, attendees and colleagues can easily catch a bus, train, or taxi to and from your event.

Aside from the great location, there are 10 rooms available within this venue, and each room can be decorated how you wish, so if you’re looking to splash your company colours all over the event, this may be for you.

To help you decide on exactly how you want your event to run, the hotel has packages available to cater to all of your needs whether that is a dining experience, drinks reception, or presentation.

Whether your event runs through the day or carries on into the night, the rooms are spacious with high ceilings and boast natural daylight, as well as Victorian features that are charming and inspiring!

To find out more about this Newcastle corporate event venue hire, click here.

Boiler Shop

Where: 20 South Street, NE1 3PE
Capacity 150 drinks reception or 400 dining or conference

Just across the way, behind Newcastle Central Station, the Boiler Shop can host up to 400 people and a range of events.

Despite the venue being well-known for hosting Bongo’s Bingo, corporate events occur regularly here as the facilities are too good to miss!

Right off the bat, the Boiler Shop is partnered with the Crowne Plaza Hotel (that we will be revisiting below) which is just along the road, making it easy for those who are travelling to attend.

Alongside this, the venue can host events from live shows and club nights, to mezzanine and drinks receptions, giving you a pick of the bunch!

If your event is occurring straight from the office, the Boiler Shop may work well for you as there are shower rooms, dressing rooms, and wifi, so guests can freshen up before things get started.

As with a few of these corporate venue hire examples, there is a bar and catering kitchen if your event is more of a dining-presentation experience, or if you need to break for a well-needed lunch.

To find out more about this Newcastle corporate event venue hire, click here.
meeting room with black leather chairs

Northumbrian Crowne Plaza Newcastle – Stephenson Quarter

Where: Hawthorne St, Forth Sq, NE13SA
Capacity: 100 theatre or 84 banquet

We have mentioned two spaces within the Crowne Plaza, one slightly larger, and then the Northumbrian, that can comfortably host around 100 guests (depending on the event layout).

Although this room is smaller, it is still big enough for corporate events such as presentations, and corporate dinners.

The location is ideal for any attendees who are travelling from outside the city as the hotel is situated just behind the Centre for Life, and Newcastle Central Station.

Meaning transport links aren’t hard to come by!

The room is spacious and designed in a professional manner so is perfect for working lunches, and smaller presentations, as there are facilities including a projector, meeting equipment.

To find out more about this Newcastle corporate event venue hire, click here.

Stephenson Suite Crowne Plaza Hotel Newcastle – Stephenson Quarter

Where:Hawthorne St, Forth Sq, NE13SA
Capacity: 450 theatre or 360 banquet

We are back visiting the Crowne Plaza Hotel, but this time for the biggest suite in the place!

The Stephenson suite is an ideal spot for your upcoming corporate event, particularly if it’s on the larger side.

This room is spacious, well-lit, and provides you and your guests with everything you need to have a comfortable corporate experience.

The room can be organised into various layouts including a theatre style for 450 attendees, or a sit-down meal for over 350.

If you are hosting an awards ceremony, charity event, large scale presentation, or even a networking event, this suite may be the one for you, as the facilities speak for themselves.

There is a full stage at the front of the room, with a drop down screen and overhead projector, and lighting can be changed depending on your company preference.

As a final plus, the suite can be decorated as you prefer for the day of the event, (which not all venues can offer) so when booking keep this in mind as you can incorporate your company’s personality into your event!

To find out more about this Newcastle corporate event venue hire, click here.

The Common Room

Where:Neville Hall, The Common Room of the Great North Ltd, NE1 1SE
Capacity: Largest space holds up to 150 guests

Depending on the size of your event The Common Room can accommodate you and your guests easily, with a choice of 3 rooms suited to corporate events.

Wood Hall is the largest room available seating up to 150 guests, and a great place to hold a presentation, or awards ceremony.

The Lecture Theatre and Stephenson Room are next up and can hold between 70 and 100 guests, therefore are well suited to seminars and conference events.

There are catering options available at The Common Room, meaning whether you’re looking for a working lunch, breakfast buffet, or sit down dining, you have plenty of choice!

A huge plus to this venue is the location, as there is a taxi rank just outside and the walk from The Common Room to Central Station is just 3 minutes.

If you need audio-visual facilities this venue has got you covered too, with the option to project and present, and even stream your event to those attending virtually.

To find out more about this Newcastle corporate event venue hire, click here.
meeting room with white table

Mal 1 at Malmaison

Where: 104 Quayside, NE1 3DX
Capacity: 80 theatre or reception

The main draw to this venue is the location but don’t be fooled into thinking that’s all the Malmaison has to offer.

The quayside location provides great views from the event room, which certainly ticks the “aesthetically pleasing” box!

Mal 1 provides a stylish room with large windows, comfortable seating, and interior design that’s sure to inspire.
There is everything needed to host a great corporate event at the Malmaison, as the rooms are equipped with projectors, flipcharts, flat screen TV’s, and wifi.

If Mal 1 isn’t the right room for you, Malmaison have a variety of rooms in the Newcastle branch including the Private Dining Room and the Chateau Lounge, that are equally great options for your next corporate event.

To find out more about this Newcastle corporate event venue hire, click here.

Holiday Inn Newcastle – Jesmond

Where: Jesmond Rd, Jesmond NE2 1PR
Capacity Up to 100 guests

If you are looking for a venue slightly out of the city centre and away from the hustle and bustle, the Holiday Inn in Jesmond may have the room for your event.

The location is just a 5 minute taxi ride from the city centre or a quick trip on the metro to a station that is quite literally minutes from the hotel.

The event rooms in this hotel are great for those professional events that don’t need the extra flare, but have the facilities to get the job done.

The rooms are light with plenty of space, and include AV facilities so presentations are seamless.

However, this venue doesn’t scrimp on the catering options, as they have food available from the hotel’s Zio bar, or alternatively you can work closely with the catering team to create the right food for your event.

To find out more about this Newcastle corporate event venue hire, click here.

Newcaslte University building

Boiler House at Newcastle University

Where: The Boiler House, Newcastle University, NE1 7RU
Capacity: Up to 220 guests

Another central option for your corporate event would be the Boiler House at Newcastle University.

The venue is located within the Newcastle University campus, so is easy to access and close to transport links such as the metro station, bus stops, and taxi ranks.

The space itself is modern, and is flexible in terms of layout so any event you wish to host, the Boiler Room can facilitate!

There are bi-fold doors which open out in the heart of the campus with some outdoor seating, making this venue the perfect place for a drinks reception or smaller exhibition or presentation.

AV facilities allow you to host presentations seamlessly, as you will have access to a projector, large screen, and microphones, meaning even those at the back of the room will hear you.

To find out more about this Newcastle corporate event venue hire, click here.

Your Guide to Newcastle Corporate Event Venue Hire

So, there’s our round-up.

The best corporate event venues for hire in Newcastle, that provide a great option for your next event whether that be a presentation, conference, awards ceremony, or charity ball.

Choosing the right event venue is essential if you are to impress your attendees, and have them leave having had a positive experience.

Weighing up your options in terms of price, location, and facilities is an important step to ensuring your event works for you as well as your guests!

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