Your Planning Guide: Meeting Space to Rent in Houston


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There are an abundance of meeting spaces to rent in Houston.

Whether you’re catching up with clients, conducting interviews, or hosting an internal meeting with your team, you need a space which caters to your requirements.

You might be using this space for a single day only, or you might be using it over the course of a few days, for example if you’re hosting a workshop or a conference.

As such, it needs to be equipped with everything you need for your meeting to run smoothly, and of course, impress clients if this is being used for external reasons.

Having the right meeting space can leave a positive impression on your attendees, and can encourage them to invest in your offering.

Similarly, choosing a meeting space which is inadequate and poor, will project the wrong image of your business and could affect the reputation that you hold.

From the interior design, to the size of the room, to presentation facilities, all of these separate components shape the experience of your attendees.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the different meeting spaces available to rent in Houston.

black leather chairs and table
Credit to Evenues

Room A, Opus Virtual Office Spaces

Where: 3050 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 510, Houston, Texas 77056
Price: $25 an hour

Room A at Opus Virtual Office Spaces, provides an intimate, private business meeting space, as the layout is quite small.

As such, this would be great for catching up with existing clients or holding 1-to-1’s with internal team members.

Featuring a minimal interior, the space sends out a message of professionalism and credibility.

Tables and chairs are provided, as well as a TV attached to the wall which can easily be synced to your laptop to present.

There is also natural lighting as the meeting space features a window which brings the outdoors in. This can be a great addition if you’re hosting a long meeting, as it can get a little stuffy!

Therefore, having access to fresh air and natural light is a huge benefit as this can increase energy levels and productivity.

Some of the amenities on offer include a conference phone, WiFi, a kitchen, bathroom, tables and chairs, and free on-site parking.

black TV, leather chairs, and black table
Credit to Evenues

Room B, Opus Virtual Office Spaces

Where: 3050 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 510, Houston, Texas 77056
Price: $25 an hour
Room B meeting rooms Houston, provide business owners and professionals with a modern environment to hold important business meetings.

They offer a reasonable hourly rate, which is ideal for startup businesses who are paying close attention to their budget.

Whether you’re holding a client conference, employee meeting, interview or presentation, this provides the perfect meeting space which is catered to your requirements.

Houston is a thriving business environment, so you’ll want to take advantage of the business opportunities on offer. As such, it’s important you project an image that represents professionalism and instills a sense of trust in your potential clients.

The spacious and comfortable meeting rooms enable you to do just that. There are a whole host of amenities on offer which allow you to easily conduct meetings away from your main office, or coworking space.

This includes on-site parking, kitchen, bathroom, whiteboard, tables and chairs, and a conference phone.

The boardroom also holds up to 8 people which makes it an ideal choice for a range of meetings and events.

office room set up
Credit to Davinci Meeting Rooms

Conference Room 1 – Davinci Meeting & Workspaces

Where: 1000 Main Street Suite 2300, Houston, Texas 77002
Price: starts at $10 an hour

Featuring an exposed stone wall, and a floor to ceiling window, this had to make our list of the best meeting spaces to rent in Houston.

Boasting a modern interior, this creates an environment which is both contemporary and professional.

This conference room is an ideal location for hosting internal meetings, and is sure to impress your clients!

There’s a large rectangular table and comfortable leather chairs, which is ideal for those business meetings which can run on and on. And, let’s be honest, we’ve all been there!

If you’re going to be sitting down listening to a presentation all afternoon, then you might as well be comfy.

There’s also a large TV on the wall which is great for linking up your laptop to present. There’s ample room, which means you don’t need to worry about everyone being squeezed in together.

The natural light and white walls create an energizing business environment which is sure to get those creative juices flowing.

In terms of amenities, there is video conferencing, whiteboards, and parking – however, this does come at an additional cost.

light wooden table and black chairs
Credit to Evenues

Polaris Visual Studio – Davinci Meeting & Workspaces

Where: 5555 San Felipe Street 20th Floor, Houston, TX 77056
Price: $50 an hour

Polaris Visual Studio provides a more intimate experience, as it’s a smaller space.

Whilst it still caters for up to 5 people, the chairs are positioned in a horseshoe shape to face a TV that is attached to the wall.

As such, this meeting space is ideally suited for internal meetings or to catch up with business clients.

Featuring a minimalist interior, the room is both professional and modern which engages potential customers who are perhaps meeting you for the first time.

To enhance this level of professionalism, there are even members of staff on-site who are waiting to greet your customers as they come through the door! So, if you’re really wanting to make a good first impression, then look no further.

The meeting space is available at both an hourly and daily rate depending on your needs.

This gives business professionals more flexibility when it comes to booking, as you might only require the space for a couple of hours.

There are various amenities available including on-site parking, WiFi, and video conferencing. Outdoor catering is also allowed but there is no food on site – something to consider if you’re hiring the room all day.

Check out these Houston cafes, where you’ll be able to find some great takeout grub!

office space with glass windows
Credit to Evenues

Huddle Room 2 – Davinci Meeting & Workspaces

Where: 13100 Wortham Center Drive 3rd Floor, Houston, Texas 77065
Price: $30 an hour

Huddle Room 2 provides a large, open meeting space which is ideal for a range of business meetings.

Featuring floor to ceiling windows, and deep leather chairs, this puts comfort at the forefront.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to utilizing the space, as you could host presentations, seminars, interviews, or team catch ups.

You can choose to hire the space at either an hourly or daily rate which gives you more control over your spend – a big priority if you’re a startup business. Primarily, the meeting space is available to rent from Monday to Friday but you can inquire about weekend availability too.

The space caters for up to 6 people and there is plenty of room to spread out and move around if you’re hosting an interactive session.

WiFi, whiteboards, video conferencing, and a conference phone, is all included in your package. There is also parking available but this does come at an additional cost.

office space with yellow and blue walls
Credit to Regus

Regus Pennzoil Place, Houston

Where: 700 Milam, Houston, TX 77002
Price: $25.60 an hour

Regus offers a range of services to business, including coworking space, office space, and virtual office space.

Also on their list of offerings are meeting rooms.

This provides businesses with a professional space where you can host training events, conduct interviews, and deliver pitches. Whatever your business needs, the space is there for you.

There are different rooms for you to choose from depending on your individual requirements. For example, you might only need a small meeting room if you’re holding a 1-to-1 session.

However, you would need a much bigger space if you were hosting a conference for example.

There is also a reception team on hand who will greets guests as they arrive, which adds a really nice personal touch.

In turn, this leaves a lasting impression on your clients as they will feel valued from the moment they enter.

In terms of location, you can head down to Houston’s finest restaurants and entertainment spots – all of which are easily accessible.

You can also grab an espresso from the on-site coffee bar (a caffeine refuel is essential for a business meeting!) or sweat out the day’s work in the fitness suite.

man working on a laptop
Credit to Expansive

Conference Room at Expansive – Theater District

Where: 720 Rusk Street, Houston, TX 77002
Price: $50 an hour

These modern, state-of-the-art meeting rooms can either be rented by the hour or by the day which makes them attractive to a range of businesses.

Holding up to 10 people, the conference room at Expansive is ideally suited to a variety of meetings depending on your needs.

Boasting an industrial vibe, with exposed brick walls and high ceilings, it creates a space which is both professional yet relaxed.

Not every business meeting is going to be corporate so it’s beneficial to have a meeting space where people can feel comfortable.

There is a large wooden table, and leather chairs which makes it an ideal place for discussion and collaboration. You’re also not tightly packed in together which is another huge advantage, as there is plenty of space to spread out and set up your laptop etc.

All of the meeting rooms come equipped with wall-mounted whiteboards, video conferencing, WiFi, conference phones, and fast internet. There are lots of other amenities to enjoy such as an on-site restaurant, filtered water, and tea/ coffee.

The space is also accessible 24/ 7 which is ideal for entrepreneurs who work around the clock.

Whilst there are no windows, there is lots of light to create an energetic and motivating business environment.

white and black meeting room set up
Credit to Liquid Space

Avalon Suites – Westchase

Where:9801 Westheimer Road, 300, Houston, TX 77042
Price: $65 an hour

This meeting space at Avalon Suites seats up to 8 people so it’s perfect for both internal and external meetings.

It’s also situated in an ideal location which is great if you’re wanting to grab a bite to eat between meetings.

In terms of commuting, it’s just off of Beltway 8 with easy access to I10 and US59, meaning this location has it all. There is even an on-site bank and deli, so you don’t have to leave the building if you’ve got a busy day ahead of you.

Each meeting room is equipped with a high definition TV for wireless presentations, as well as glass whiteboards, electric blinds for privacy, and tea and coffee is included.

And, any business professional knows how important it is to get a caffeine refuel!
As these meeting rooms are relatively new, they’re very modern and sophisticated featuring low lighting and canvases across the walls.

This creates a welcoming and professional atmosphere, which is perfect for meeting both internal team members and external clients.

meeting room with yellow walls
Credit to Meetings Booker

Offshore Meeting Room – Houston Marriott

Where: 16011 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77094
Price: $300 a day

At the Houston Marriott, the options are endless when it comes to business meetings.

You can choose to host your seminar, trade show, conference, or meeting in one of the four meeting venues.

And even better, you can treat meeting attendees to delicious food with the help of custom catering options.

As the restaurant is on-site, you don’t need to worry about attendees traveling. Also, if they’re coming from a different location, then they can also stay over at Houston Marriott which is a huge benefit.

The Offshore Meeting Room provides a large, open space, and is better suited to conferences or large meetings. In terms of one-to-ones, this space would be too large as it holds a greater capacity.

There is a projector for you to link up your laptop to present, and tables and chairs are provided.

You and your guests will also have access to free WiFi, which is essential throughout the working day.

white tables and chairs in meeting room
Credit to Meetings Booker

Galleria Meeting Space, Anchor Executive Center

Where: 4265 San Felipe St #1100, Houston, TX 77027
Price: $280 a day

Based at the Anchor Executive Center, the Galleria Meeting Room provides a more private meeting space as it has a maximum capacity of 4 people.

Featuring a warm, rustic design, this provides a welcoming business environment for a range of business meetings.

There is also a TV and WiFi provided so that you can easily link up your laptop to present to potential customers or internal team members.

If you’re looking for a larger space, perhaps to host a seminar or conference, then the Anchor Executive Center provides a range of different meeting room formats.

It all depends on the type of meeting you’re holding and how many people you’re expecting to attend.

The room you choose affects the price point, so it’s important to plan ahead first.

meeting room with leather chairs
Credit to Meetings Booker

Lyric Works, Houston

Where: 440 Louisiana St #900, Houston, TX 77002
Price: from $250 a day

Lyric Works is ideally situated in downtown Houston which makes it easily accessible for business professionals and entrepreneurs.

It’s great to have the option to grab a bite to eat in one of Houston’s many restaurants and cafes, or to take a stroll through Houston’s vibrant theater district.

There are a variety of meeting rooms available at Lyrics Works, each with varying price points and each holding a different number of people.

As such, this gives you more control when choosing which meeting space to hire.

For example, if you were hosting an interactive workshop then you might choose to hire the Boardroom as there’s more space for people to move about.

However, if you’re conducting an interview where there’s only 3 or 4 people, then the Small Room would be most suitable.

All of the meeting spaces come with free WiFi, tables and chairs, to enable you and your attendees to get set up for the day ahead.

meeting room with white leather chairs
Credit to Hotel ZaZa

Hotel ZaZa Museum District

Where: 5701 Main St, Houston, TX 77005
Price: from $250 a day

Hotel ZaZa in Houston is ideal for the business traveler, offering rooms and suites complete with working desks, ergonomic chairs, luxury bath amenities and a lengthy list of services such as Room Service, in-room dining, housekeeping, and more.

The hotel also features a variety of meeting rooms, all of which come equipped with some great, corporate-friendly perks.

This includes complimentary wired and wireless Internet throughout the hotel, tables and chairs, WiFi, and catering options.

All of the meeting rooms are very grand and scream sophistication and professionalism. With features such as large chandeliers and luxury leather chairs, you’re sure to impress any of your attendees.

You can choose a meeting room based on your needs, as if you’re looking for something more intimate than the Napoleon room would be best suited.

At the opposite end of the scale, is the Phantom Ballroom which would be perfect for seminars, conferences, and presentations as it comes complete with a podium.

As such, hotel ZaZa, caters for all your business needs. For extra reassurance, ZaZa’s meeting planners are on-hand to assist with any audio-visual requirements, catering, and other finishing touches.

modern office space with black leather chair
Credit to Up Suite

Servcorp – Galleria, Williams Tower

Where: 2800 Post Oak Boulevard, Suite 4100, 41st Floor, Houston, TX 77056
Price: from $200 a day

At Servcorp, you can choose from stunning private office spaces, large training rooms, conference rooms, and corporate boardrooms. Their aim is to provide small to medium sized businesses in Houston with an affordable solution to meeting space.

Therefore, regardless of your business meeting requirements, you’re sure to find a solution here. This makes it ideal for both established and startup businesses alike.

All of the meeting room facilities include state-of the art communications technology and in-house IT support which provides businesses with extra reassurance.

After all, if you’re hosting an important business meeting the last thing you want is for the IT to go down!

There are also some fantastic amenities for you to enjoy such as free WiFi, a projector and screen, a whiteboard, and a TV.

Lots of the meeting rooms are flooded with natural light which creates a bright and motivating working environment. They also sport some great views over the city, as Servcorp is one of the tallest and most prominent skyscrapers in the Houston skyline.

office tables facing a white wall
Credit to The Square

The Square by Hines

Where: 717 Texas Ave 12th Floor, Houston, TX 77002, United States
Price: Enquire for pricing

The Square delivers a premium, world-class workplace experience.

From food and beverage options, to wellness activities and events, this is a refreshing, professional environment that improves employees’ productivity.

The Square is designed to support teams of any size, so whether you’re an individual looking for a private office for a few days or a large company teams seeking dedicated space for a conference, there is something for everyone.

The spaces are designed to be flexible so that they can cater to individual needs. Regardless of where you’re sitting, you’ll be able to enjoy stunning views of the city thanks to large windows which let endless amounts of light through.

The general feeling of The Square is one of sophistication and modernity. From the soft furnishings to the industrial ceilings, this is a great spot for any entrepreneur to get things done.

There are also a whole host of top-class amenities to enjoy including Wifi, endless amounts of coffee/tea, and access to conference rooms.

The Square prides itself on instilling a sense of creativity and productivity, with spaces for full-team engagement and focused work.

Exclusive to Hines buildings, The Square features only the highest-quality amenities and services.
white and gold office space
Credit to Peer Space

Space 5 – Downtown

Where: Greater Fifth Ward, Houston, TX
Price: $95 an hour

Space 5 is located in the heart of Houston and is the city’s newest and best kept secret.

This building has quite a history and was originally built in 1925 before being completely remodeled in 2020. Thankfully, it has retained some of its original elements including the original shiplap and brick chimney.

However, both of these have been incorporated into a very appealing modern design to appeal to the modern day business professional.

The space is fantastic for a variety of needs, so whether you’re looking for a meeting spot for a corporate function, a fully staged location for a photo/ video shoot, or a venue for your next big event, this place has it all.

There are 5 rooms in total with modular furniture that can be repositioned depending on your bespoke requirements which gives you full flexibility.

Amenities include a kitchen area, conference room that can accommodate up to 20 people, an atrium room that opens to the front porch, a large room with lounge seating and large bay windows, and many accent walls which provide a scenic backdrop.

Depending on your reason for the meeting, you can either book individual rooms or the entire building if you require a greater capacity.

Your Planning Guide: Meeting Space to Rent in Houston

If you’re looking for meeting space to rent in Houston, then you should be able to take your pick!

We’ve compiled a whole list of available meeting spaces each with varying amenities and price points depending on your budget.

Businesses hold meetings for a whole range of reasons, so it’s good to know there are available spaces for your next get-together.

As we’ve covered, it’s important to choose somewhere that meets your requirements and enables you to connect and collaborate with your team. Similarly if you’re holding an external meeting, then you want to find a space that you can rely on without any distractions.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll most likely be very busy and meetings will be an important part of your day-to-day workload.

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